Diego Leon, founder of prinkster Was born in Bogota Colombia, Moved to MIAMI for college Became a Filmaker and Produce with his company Video Production and drone Work for Brands and Shows. With over 10 years of experience in video production and photography, our founder Diego Leon founded Prinkster with the intention of combining art with clothing through technology. A collector and lover of unique pieces, as an artist he was compelled to create his first Eco-blend shorts with recycled polyester fabric designed in Colombia. part of the #somosartistas ArtCrew @Diegoxfilms

Prinkster Weed Men’s windbreaker


Dalí Prinkster Fanny Pack


Prinkster Unisex Joggers


Prinkster Old School Bucket Hat


Prinkster Pull Up Soft Blue Hoodie


Prinkster Short-Sleeve T-Shirt


Prinkster Recycled tracksuit jacket


Prinkster Kite Men's Rash Guard


Prinkster Embroidered Polo Shirt


Prinkster denim bucket hat


Goldean Leaves One-Piece Swimsuit


Prinkster Green Men's Rash Guard


Prinkster Beanie


Monster Chest Bag


Prinkster Jellybeans Women's Shorts


Prinkster Babes On Pool Men's Recycled Athletic Shorts


Orange Animal Print Men's Eco swim trunks


Jellybeans One-Piece Swimsuit


Jelly Beans Flip-Flops


Golden Bullets - high-waisted bikini bottom